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From the intial idea of a product to its development, via its production and quality assurance and then further to its marketing and customer advisory service, a Protina product goes through many steps and many specialists are consulted before it makes its way to a customer.

Over 140 qualified employees from the most diverse professions work side by side at Protina at our Ismaning location just to the north of Munich:
Pharmacists, food chemists, nutritionists, pharmaceutical-technical assistants, chemical-technical assistants, chemical laboratory assistants and technicians in the fields of product development, production and quality assurance.
Businessmen and business economists handle marketing and sales activities, personnel issues and finance. Scientists are responsible for queries concerning medical/scientific issues.

A closer look at training

Protina trains specialists in food technology. Professionals in food technology are experts in the industrial production of food products in accordance with established recipes and production processes.

Practical training for students of pharmacology

We also offer practical training positions for students of pharmacology as we are a certified training centre. Within six months, a trainee can complete part of their practical training to become a pharmacist, in the areas of quality assurance, product development and production.


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Jutta Handl Palmero is responsible for all personnel matters. If you are interested in a position at our company, please contact Ms Handl Palmero directly.

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Jutta Handl Palmero

Protina Pharmazeutische GmbH
Personnel Department
Adalperostraße 37
D-85737 Ismaning

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